Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani Dramas industry has come a long way from its single channel avatar to today’s mega channel bursting industry. In the early days of this industry there were few serials, or drama shows showcased on tv. The single Pakistani Dramas channel was used to tell the consumers about the governments various schemes; it was used to showcase values & message ads for population control etc. This channel showcased cultural programs & dance recitals on TV. Speeches by the Prime Minister & the President of the country on Independence & Republic Day were the highlight of the day’s celebration. Different States present a preview of the state on wheels called floats in the work of the republic day parade is popular even today. Progress both economic & technological has brought a sea change in the last 6 decades of TV viewing.

Pakistani Dramas
Pakistani Dramas

From a single Pakistani Dramas to a few in the 80’s to cable TV to satellite channels tv has come a long way. TV viewing today is exhausting, there’s so lots of channels to view, new channels being added each day yet time available to see them is limited. It is such an ironical time. When people had ample time to complete their chores & watch TV there was a single Pakistani Dramas channel to see, while today when you not very get any time you have the choice to watch 100+ Pakistani Dramas channels.

The viewer has become choosy about the channels he likes, what with so lots of options available. There’s lots of channels from Pakistani Dramas TV channels to film to music to history to animal planet. The TV viewing experience has changed , with bright colours, more drama, better editing & quality of picture being shown on Pakistani Dramas channels with satellite to home connections.

Pakistani Dramas TV today cater to  every age group. Relatives viewing of drama serials, reality shows for dance, cooking, singing etc, kid’s shows like cartoon, fantasy & fairy story shows, to travel channels showing every place of worship in India, their importance & rituals followed with the tales behind each shrine. Every Pakistani Dramas TV channel is constantly vying for the top slot in channel consumer viewer polls. They look for new ways to showcase either the same plot in a different way, or to come up with new show formats that were not showcased earlier in a bid for supremacy.


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